Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Covenant funding helps AFF support F&C victims of Domestic Abuse

SupportAFF has received a grant through the Covenant Grants Fund to provide much-needed practical support to Foreign & Commonwealth (F&C) Army families dealing with Domestic Abuse (DA).
Supporting the F&C community

This new support will allow us to help spouses directly with their application form to remain in the UK during a very stressful time and is available to any F&C spouse of a serving person in any location in the UK or overseas.
Support is limited by available funding and is not a self-referral scheme - families must be referred to us by a relevant welfare contact or organisation.
Building support
We also hope to be able to work closer with support organisations to develop best practice working methods when dealing with an F&C case and to inform others about the unique problems that many F&C families can face.  
afc and aff logosIf you are currently supporting an F&C spouse who is a victim of DA and who needs immigration advice, then please contact AFF at fcsupport@aff.org.uk   
To find out more about our F&C service, visiour website.