Monday, 18 January 2016

Removals - Top Tips For Military Families

Top tips from the removals team to help avoid delays or other issues:

Authorisation to Move at Public Expense. Every month the Contractor receives around 100 applications requesting to move when there is no associated authority as laid down in the regulations (JSP 752 and/or JSP800). These requests are then referred back to the originator often resulting in a delay of processing and, in most cases, submission to PACC for a decision. Top Tip - If you are unsure as to your removals entitlement, please seek advice from Unit Admin Staff before making an application.

Transit and Storage Insurance. This issue crops up all too frequently with Service Personnel failing to arrange sufficient insurance cover for their Personal Effects; note - an element of Disturbance Expenses provides a contribution to the cost of this insurance. Top Tip - please make sure you arrange an adequate level of insurance to cover your your Personal Effects. 
Any questions on removals, talk to your Unit HR first.
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