Saturday, 23 January 2016

Military Housing & Accommodation - Applications For SFA And Requests For SLA

JSP 464 requires that personnel apply for SFA as far in advance as possible once a notification of assignment (posting) has been received and such application should be made within 14 days of receipt of an assignment order.  With the Christmas break approaching, any personnel who require SFA in Jan or Feb 16 who have not submitted an application for SFA to date, are urged to submit an application without delay.  This is to allow the application to be processed and, where possible, make an allocation before Christmas.  In areas where there is a shortage of SFA it may be necessary for Substitute Service Families Accommodation (SSFA) to be sourced.  Early application will provide the best possible chance of suitable SSFA being sourced – where necessary - in Jan or Feb 16, a time when the historical supply of rental accommodation availability is lower.  Applications for SFA should be made using the online e1132 system where possible.

To mitigate the overall pressure, it is recommended that requests for SFA and SLA required for occupancy between 1 Dec 15 and 29 Feb 16 should be submitted by Service Personnel now.  Through timely application, in the event that SFA or SLA is not available, a Non-Availability Certificate (NAC) can be issued and a formal application for SSFA or SSSA made to the Substitute Accommodation Team (SAT) within DIO. 

For SSFA, the application is automatically made by the NHP Occupancy Services staff if no suitable SFA is available.  However, for SSSA, on receipt of a NAC from the relevant Mess or Accommodation Cell, an application must be made by the individual SP.  Accordingly, it is incumbent on Messes and Accommodation Cells to make an assessment of SLA availability for this period and issue NACs where necessary and without delay