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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Getting the Most out of MoneyForce - Money Advice for UK Service People

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Armed Forces Pension Options on Divorce or Dissolution of Civil Partnerships

Click HERE to open this document
This booklet explains the various options available to split or share an Armed Forces Pension on a divorce or civil partnership dissolution.  

Information is contained that is relevant to the Service person and the estranged spouse.

Solicitors dealing with an Armed Forces Pension on a marriage breakdown may also find this booklet useful.

To view other Armed Forces Pensions on divorce guidance and information documents please click here

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Monday, 25 January 2016

NHS England to ask military veterans how to improve mental health services

NHS England is today asking armed forces veterans to share their experience of mental health services and help improve future care across the country.

The launch of a national survey will help improve the care available for veterans as they move from military to civilian life.

The survey is a chance for veterans to share their experiences and views of existing mental health services and to understand the reasons why some people have not sought or received support and treatment. In addition to seeking views from veterans, family members and carers, as well as staff and organisations that are providing treatment and support in this area are all able to take part.

The NHS currently provides 12 mental health services across England specifically for veterans. They enable specialist staff to care for ex-forces personnel with mental health needs, direct them to the most appropriate service and give them effective treatment. With new contracts due in the next year, this is an opportunity to develop future services that take account of current experiences.

To view the full article on this topic visit:

More information about the survey is at this link:https://www.engage.england.nhs.uk/survey/veterans-mental-health-services

To complete the survey click HERE

Shop the Shark' National Trading Standards Campaign to Stop Loan Sharks

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Military Housing & Accommodation - Applications For SFA And Requests For SLA

JSP 464 requires that personnel apply for SFA as far in advance as possible once a notification of assignment (posting) has been received and such application should be made within 14 days of receipt of an assignment order.  With the Christmas break approaching, any personnel who require SFA in Jan or Feb 16 who have not submitted an application for SFA to date, are urged to submit an application without delay.  This is to allow the application to be processed and, where possible, make an allocation before Christmas.  In areas where there is a shortage of SFA it may be necessary for Substitute Service Families Accommodation (SSFA) to be sourced.  Early application will provide the best possible chance of suitable SSFA being sourced – where necessary - in Jan or Feb 16, a time when the historical supply of rental accommodation availability is lower.  Applications for SFA should be made using the online e1132 system where possible.

To mitigate the overall pressure, it is recommended that requests for SFA and SLA required for occupancy between 1 Dec 15 and 29 Feb 16 should be submitted by Service Personnel now.  Through timely application, in the event that SFA or SLA is not available, a Non-Availability Certificate (NAC) can be issued and a formal application for SSFA or SSSA made to the Substitute Accommodation Team (SAT) within DIO. 

For SSFA, the application is automatically made by the NHP Occupancy Services staff if no suitable SFA is available.  However, for SSSA, on receipt of a NAC from the relevant Mess or Accommodation Cell, an application must be made by the individual SP.  Accordingly, it is incumbent on Messes and Accommodation Cells to make an assessment of SLA availability for this period and issue NACs where necessary and without delay

Friday, 22 January 2016

Personnel & Army Families - Booking removals (Agility)

Agility Logistics Limited (removals) is a contracted service provider for Ministry of Defence. 
To book removals go to

You will be requested to enter certain personal and other data such as Name, Rank, Staff/Service Number, Collection and Delivery addresses. 

These and other data are necessary for the system to evaluate your shipment entitlement and to enable the Unaccompanied Baggage Manager (UBM) and the moving company to carry out the required work to move your goods from your losing unit to your gaining unit.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

TV Licence

Civil Service Jobs - MOD & Civilian

The Civil Service helps the Government of the day to develop and deliver its policies as effectively as possible.
It incorporates three types of organisations – departments, agencies, and non-departmental government bodies (NDPBs) that work in a wide range of areas, touching on everyone’s day-to-day lives, such as education, health and policing.
Because our organisations deal with so many different aspects of government, civil servants work in an enormous variety of roles.
Becoming a civil servant could be as simple as applying for one of the many jobs advertised on our jobs website.
We also offer a variety of fast track routes for promising graduates and experienced professionals.
Our professional entry routes encourage people with skills developed in the private sector to transfer into the Civil Service at the right level. You can then apply those skills to make a real difference to our everyday lives. There are 22 different professions covered, and a number of different ways to apply.

Click here for the Civil Service website

StepChange Debt Charity: 7 Days, 7 Ways Debt Support Programme

One week. Make it count.

Take control of your finances in 2016 with our 7-day email programme of support and practical advice.

Feeling like your finances are unmanageable can make dealing with your debt a daunting prospect. But you can take control of your finances again with our 7 Days, 7 Ways email programme.
What is 7 Days, 7 Ways? 
Each day for a week we'll send you an email linking to practical advice to help you with your finances. Written by our expert debt advisors, the programme is the perfect starting point in dealing with your debt.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Removals - Top Tips For Military Families

Top tips from the removals team to help avoid delays or other issues:

Authorisation to Move at Public Expense. Every month the Contractor receives around 100 applications requesting to move when there is no associated authority as laid down in the regulations (JSP 752 and/or JSP800). These requests are then referred back to the originator often resulting in a delay of processing and, in most cases, submission to PACC for a decision. Top Tip - If you are unsure as to your removals entitlement, please seek advice from Unit Admin Staff before making an application.

Transit and Storage Insurance. This issue crops up all too frequently with Service Personnel failing to arrange sufficient insurance cover for their Personal Effects; note - an element of Disturbance Expenses provides a contribution to the cost of this insurance. Top Tip - please make sure you arrange an adequate level of insurance to cover your your Personal Effects. 
Any questions on removals, talk to your Unit HR first.
Information extracted from: http://www.raf.mod.uk/community/news/top-tips-for-removals/

Service Families Accommodation - Furniture Service

Click HERE for the full information which includes 

applying for SFA furniture & removals.
There is also a furniture request form.

MoneyForce Advice on Dealing With Debt

At this time of year we're bombarded with hints and tips of how to sort out our Christmas debt. Whatever you think about all the hype, getting your debt to a manageable level is key to starting the year in as good a position as possible. So, if you’re too busy with more important things, we set out what’s available to you and your family so all you have to do is choose your mode of action and get cracking.
Phone, online or face-to-face help

Veterans UK - FREE help and advice on any issue

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Service Leaver

Benenden Healthcare

Rogue Traders

Service Personnel & Veterans Agency (SPVA)

Ex Armed Forces to become Teachers

Please click on the image below to access the link
Insurance for Use of DST Gym
(Personal Accident / Third Party Insurance required)
              Commonly used Companies on DST Patch
Sports Direct
  • (May be offered to MoD Dependants)
  • Tel: 0845 120 6400
  •  Website: sportscoverdirect.com
*Please check with your existing insurance provider first, a Personal Accident or third party insurance might be on offer *

Families Information Service Hub (FISH)

The HIVE receives forthnightly bulletins of  'What's On' in the East Riding. If you wsh to receive FISH updates, please contact the HIVE for your copy or log on to the website at www.fish.eastriding.gov.uk or contact FISH through:

Tel: 01482 396469 email:

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Child Maintenance Information

Holidays for Service Children

Education - Year 11 - RPA

Next of Kin & Emergency Contact Details

Armed Forces Hindu Network

RAF Families Federation

Useful Contacts

Cleaning Contacts

Merry Maids

Mill Lane, Beverley,

HU17 9DH
Tel: 01482 866 049
Oven Gleaming
Hedon, Hull
HU12 8HF
Tel: 01482 222112 Email: info@ovengleaming.co.uk
All Clean Ovens
01964 622996
DIO Move Out Cleaning Scheme
Company - Ideal
Tel: 0800 038 7833 / 0777 222 8910

Defence Security

Community Covenant Grant Scheme

Please click HERE for more details

Friday, 15 January 2016

Legal Contacts

Local Representative
Cooper Wilkin Chapman Solicitors
The Hall
HU17 8HL
Tel: 01482 398398

Service Leavers


Useful Contacts - Leconfield Post Office

Main Street

HU17 7NQ
01964 550269
Opening Hours
Mon: 09:00-17:30      Tue: 09:00-17:30      Wed: 09:00-13:00       Thu: 09:00-17:30        Fri: 09:00 - 17:30      Sat: 09:00 - 13:00  
Sun: Closed

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Royal Mail Redirection Service

Please note that it is you, the occupants responsibility when moving from Service Families Accommodation that you redirect your mail to the new House through Royal Mail Redirection Service for a fee for up to 3 months).    

Failure to do this may result with mail being disposed of by the new occupant of your old house.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016


Childcare.co.uk is an award winning online social networking platform for parents, childcare providers and private tutors with over 1,000,000 members. Start your childcare search or childcare job search today.

By typing in what you are looking for in terms of childcare, such as a baby sitter, maternity nurse, private tutor or schools, together with your postcode, this website will do the work for you. It also helps you look for childcare jobs! A great resource to go to for when moving to a new area.  All free to register.

Leconfield Pre-School

Monday, 11 January 2016

Welfare House & Community Centre Bookings

For all Welfare House & 
Community Centre bookings, 
please call Tel: 01904 665599
Welfare House cost - £10 per night

Cleaning Services

Army Families Group


Service Leavers

Before & After School Club